Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage in Bedroom

This bedroom suffered from water damage. Our team cleaned and restored the damaged area to its original state. Water damage inside of a home can be difficu... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bathroom

In this home the plumbing and bathrooms were stacked. The second floor bathroom shower had leaked behind the walls of the house before the damage had becom... READ MORE

Water Damage in Hallway

This hallway suffered severe water damage after an old fire sprinkler gave way and water began to steadily run throughout the facility over the course of a... READ MORE

Sauna Water Damage

The luxury of having a sauna in your home is not to be taken for granted. Of course, it does not come without some inherent risk! In this case, the line that su... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage

This bathroom suffered from water damage. Our team cleaned and restored the bathroom to its original state. The water damage had permeated the sheet rock walls ... READ MORE

Living Room Restoration

This living room had new walls and carpeting installed. After years of abuse, this apartment was far beyond a clean-up job, this would need to be a complete res... READ MORE

School Fire Damage

Great example of a SERVPRO® clean-up after a fire in a school. Our team was able to help remove debris and then clean all of the structure. After the struct... READ MORE

Fire in Commercial Building

Great example of how SERVPRO gets your business back on track and up and running! This is a before and after of a fire loss our team responded to. We were able ... READ MORE

Commercial Disaster Relief

SERVPRO of Washington County specializes in Commercial Disaster relief and remediation. Contact our offices today to start your Readiness Profile!

Restoring your Home

After a fire we all just want a return to normalcy.. While this is easier said than done SERVPRO is the answer! Our team is there to help, call us 24/7!